1173373-golf_clubEven if golf season is over, it will return before you know it. Learn how to correctly store your golf equipment during the cold months so they’ll be ready for another great season when you take them out again.

Give Your Equipment a Good Cleaning

A season of heavy golf playing can put some wear and tear on your clubs and accessories. Make sure to wash off any grime and give all your materials a good polishing before storing them away. Don’t forget about accessories like your bag and golf shoes. These need to be cleaned as well.

Dispose of Any Worn-Out Items

Golf equipment and accessories don’t last forever. Check your gloves, shoes, bag and clubs and see if any items may be getting near the end of their life. If you don’t think something will last much longer, you might want to get rid of it before you stow your equipment away for the winter.

Find a Safe Place to Keep Them

Be careful not to keep your golf equipment in a place where the items could be damaged or their quality compromised by harsh weather and moisture. A drafty garage, for example, may not be the best place to keep your clubs.
With these tips, your equipment will stay in great condition all winter and make it easier to get right back into the game when the season starts up. Contact Golf Gallery of Melbourne at 321-837-3715 to learn more about how to properly store your golf equipment.