416208-c3051183-golferGolf is a popular sport for men and women alike. It is important to know how to pick the right clubs for you. Your clubs make your game, and being informed on what to look for is key to success on the course. Here are a few tips to ramp up your game by choosing the right golf clubs:

Check the Grip

The thickness of your grip will depend on the size of your hand. The middle and ring fingers on your left hand should just touch your thumb when you grip the club.


Listen to Your Swing

If you can’t hear anything, you need a regular shaft. If the shaft bends, or makes a loud swishing noise, you need a strong solid shaft. Tall people usually need both long and stiff shafts for their clubs.

Understand the Differences in Clubheads

Clubheads come in a variety of sizes including: standard, midsize and oversize. Larger ones can give you a psychological boost for making contact with the golf ball.

The right golf clubs are integral to playing a successful round of golf. Depending on your physical characteristics and skills, it is important to personalize your clubs to get the perfect swing for you. Contact Golf Gallery of Melbourne to improve your game with a golf club fitting today.