1037592-sp002852Any equipment you get for your golf game should enhance your performance, and that includes the shoes on your feet. Do you know what kinds of features are available in golf shoes? If you need information before you buy a pair, consider these tips when choosing golf shoes.

Frequency and Function

A great place to start is by examining your game. If you only play occasionally, you may not want to invest in an expensive, top-of-the-line brand. Any pair you get should be supportive and comfortable for the amount of standing and walking in a typical 18 holes.

Features and Fabrics

Golf shoes should be tight through the middle for good swing support. Plastic spikes are also better since many golf courses do not allow metal. Fabrics include polyester, synthetic leather, leather, and Gore-Tex, some of which have better breathability and waterproofing but may be uncomfortable for warmer climates.

Fitting Facts

Golfers have style options from traditional shoes to boots or sandals. Take time to have a proper fitting, and be sure to wear the same kind of socks you use when you play. Walk around and even take a few practice swings if the store has a green.
You have a lot of options when you are looking at golf shoes, so take your time to ask questions and try several pairs to see what fits best for you. For more tips on selecting golf shoes for a better game, contact Golf Gallery of Melbourne at 321-837-3715.